Donnerstag, Dezember 01, 2011

Farewell to Estonia

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The following project I have prepared in connection with permanent discussions about so called “brain outflow” from Estonia (mass emigration of young people and qualified specialists), low wages and pensions and high unemployment. Estonia is in EU and when experts alert that the situation is catastrophic, politics state that situation is getting better. These images were made purposely to illustrate the things we (inhabitants of Estonia) talk about every day, put an end to empty conversations and provide the facts visibly/graphically. In the hope of spectator’s healthy irony considerably revised logo of the company Welcome to Estonia was used in this work/project, on the design and development of which the country has spent over 13 million Estonian krones. It is worth noting, that directly wife of Toomas Hendrik Ilves (Estonian president), who at that time had surname Int-Lambot, was responsible for creation of Estonian national slogan for external utilization.


Anonym hat gesagt…

Danke für den Hinweis, sehen sehr schön aus.

Franz hat gesagt…

"5294 inhabitants left Estonia in 2010"
In 2010 2810 persons moved to Estonia and 5294 left Estonia. Migrational decrease was only -2484

Anonym hat gesagt…

Franz, let's put it this way: The migration ratio is still negative.

Also, with the latest scheme unveiled, where Estonian Politicans were involed to sell Estonian residence permits to Russian businessman, you may question the number of persons that actually moved to Estonia in 2010 to a siginificant extent.


Knut Albers