Freitag, Mai 01, 2009

Email von Inno und Irja an K. Dornemann

It was awfully nice to meet you too! I don't know if you've following the
news lately but the day before yesterday our house in Rakvere was raided and
searched by Estonian police and The Inspection of Data Protection. They
broke in at 8 o'clock in the morning, told us to get up from bed, did not
allow us to get dressed and ordered us to go to the living room and sit
down. When i asked if i could contact my lawyer, they allowed me to call
him. He said that he could come at 2 o'clock. They refused to wait for him
and started searching.

They looked everywhere: our closet, bed, drawers. When i asked what is this
all about, they said that some people had complained that we had written
about them in our blog. When i asked who these people were, they refused to
tell us. And then they took our computers, cameras, Inno's telephone, all
the disks the could find etc, packed them up and confiscated them. All that
was left to us was my telephone and only because they could not find it - i
managed to hide it.

So this is our news :). We wanted to post all the interviews we did with you
and the other protesters but they took all of them. I think these interviews
were the reason why they raided our house and they wanted to take them
before we managed to post them.


Franz hat gesagt…

Aber Du kannst ja Tähismaa Blog nicht lesen. Du weiss nicht, was für ein Blog das ist, wie viele Verleumdung diese Blog enthältet.

kloty hat gesagt…

Hallo Franz,

kannst Du dann bitte Beispiele bringen? Dann haben wir die andere Sicht auch.



Jens-Olaf hat gesagt…

Hier ist ein älter Post von Giustino über inno ja irjaIn den Kommentaren fetzen sich der Mediendozent "instructor" mit "The Mogul". Da habt ihr beide Seiten.