Mittwoch, August 26, 2009

Appeal to the progressive world community

24th of August, 2009, Vilnius, Lithuania

On the signs of revanshisme and fascisme in Lithuania

On 9th of June, 2009 the Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania gave his initial approval, and at the autumn session which starts in September it plans the final approval of the amendments to the Penal Code of Lithuania which will criminalise public approval, negation,belittling or justification of "genocide committed by communism and fascisme". The draft amendments, if approved, will also criminalise the public "blackmail" of so-called "members of Lithuania's freedom fights movement - volunteer fighters, who in the years 1944 - 1953 were fighting with weapons against soviet occupation". The amendments to the article 154 of the Penal Code, submitted by members of the party "Homeland Union - Lithuanian Christian democrats" Paulius Saudargas and Petras Luomanas, foresee a fine, or a limitation of person's freedom, or arrest, or jailing for up to 3 years.

If these amendments come into force, the Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania, which is currently dominated by Homeland Union - Lithuanian Christian democrats, will: a) equally treat communism and fascisme which are incomparable; b) forbid to raise doubts about the reputation and investigate the biographies of members of so-called "Lithuania's freedom fights movement", although a big part of them were nazi collaborators and took part in mass killings of civil population of Lithuania during the WW II thus committing crime against humanity; many of them, having no choice as the war was coming to its end, were trained by the retreating nazi army and special services for the diversion ant terrorist fights, which they perpetrated also during
the post-war years, mainly against the civilians.

Bearing all this in mind, the mentioned amendments should be regarded as signs of revanshisme and fascisme, as a direct assault against freedom of opinion and human rights, to which there should be a categorical negative reaction. One cannot allow the coming into force of the amendments. The political party "Frontas" and Socialist party of Lithuania appeal to all progressive organisations in the world, to all Parliaments and Governments, to human rights organisations, in particular to those that chase and help bringing to justice hiding war criminals and those that committed crimes against humanity, with the request to react to the intentions of the Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania to approve the mentioned amendments to the Penal Code, by using all possible legal pressure and influence so that the regrettable and shameful amendments do not come into force. We suggest and immediate creation of International Commission for investigation of biographies of "members of Lithuania's freedom fights movement", investigating on a case by case basis and without bias, using information available in different countries. Only by going this way shall we stop the resurrection of facsisme and revanchisme.

Presidium of the political party "Frontas" Board of Socialist
party of Lithuania

Contacts: + 370 698 772 42; + 370 686 902 93;


Schirren hat gesagt…

"Appeal to the progressive world community"

Geht es nicht eine Nummer kleiner? Der Sprache nach, in der dieses selbstmitleidige Geblubber verfaßt ist, stammt das aus der Ecke, die immer glaubt, sich für gar nichts entschuldigen zu müssen. Die anderen sind "Revanchisten" und "Faschisten" und darum erübrigt sich die Frage nach den eigenen Verbrechen. Wer sie dennoch stellt, ist selbst Faschist und Revanchist und gehört nach Sibirien.

Solche Gesetze, wie sie ja auch in Rußland auf den Weg gebracht werden, sind höchst fragwürdig. Aber die, die sich am meisten darüber aufregen, sind auch nicht besser.

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@ Anonymus

Und? Was soll der Schmarrn?

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Hi Lolly,

danke für den Hinweis, habe den Comment gelöscht.