Dienstag, Juni 19, 2012

Singapore über Estland

"We don’t put getting high economic numbers above preserving our heritage and the happiness of our people."

“The Estonian government does not aim only at economic growth and efficiency but considers the preservation of the Estonian language and culture also very important. The key is to find a right balance between these two aims,”

“We have had some progress, but still not enough good results with that. And inviting new citizens is a historically delicate topic. During the Soviet period, many were invited. Some hundreds of people came in from the other parts of Soviet Union. This part of the population, mostly Russian-speaking, has now, more social problems than Estonian-speaking inhabitants,”

“We Estonians like our space and need room,”

Dies und anderes in einem lesenswerten Artikel aus Singapore.


Schirren hat gesagt…

Dieser Artikel ist ziemlich positiv für Estland...

kloty hat gesagt…

Hallo Schirren,

Ich poste ja auch nicht nur negative Artikel. Aber wie es aussieht scheint ein Bevoelkerungsverlust von mind. 5,5% in 10 Jahren keine Bauchschmerzen zu verursachen.